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Nettles & Clay Solid Shampoo

7.70 VAT included

With the freshness of nettles and mint, and invigorating clay powders, this incredible Nettles & Clay Solid Shampoo will not only please your senses but also leave you with a shiny and beautiful hair.


Specially formulated for oily hairs.


Olive & Lavender Solid Shampoo

7.70 VAT included

Reminiscent of the charming mediterranean fragrances, our Olive & Lavender Solid Shampoo contains two different lavender species, whose scent will inspire you during your shower and allow you to travel through the magnific landscapes of the south of France.


Specially formulated for normal to oily hair.

Mango & Orange Solid Shampoo

7.70 VAT included

Ready for a tropical experience? So…come on board with us and enjoy this exotic Mango & Orange Solid Shampoo!

Produced with vegetable oils and butters that nourish your hair and don’t irritate your scalp, the formula is further enriched with plant vitamins and proteins that protect your hair.


Specially formulated for dry hair.



Olive & Rose Solid Shampoo

7.70 VAT included

Fancy a rose garden? Imagine yourself in one, while trying our amazing Olive & Rose Solid Shampoo, produced with organic butters and vegetable oils that nourish your hair and don’t irritate your scalp, the formula is further enriched with plant vitamins and proteins that protect your hair.


Specially made for normal to dry hair.



6.95 VAT included

What’s Corkie? Calling it a mere soapdish doesn’t cut it, it’s more than that. It’s a tailor made solution for your Solid Shampoo, which accomodates it perfectly, while keeping it protected.

It’s handcraft made from portuguese cork and it will make your shampoo last longer.

It’s also quite classy and good-looking!


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Why choose
our Solid Shampoos?
Reduced packaging
The fact that our shampoo formulation is solid means that the amount of necessary packaging is minimum to none, unlike liquid shampoo, which is commonly packed in plastic bottles and has a high environmental footprint.
Lasts longer than a Liquid Shampoo
Typically, our solid shampoo bar lasts 3x as long as a regular liquid shampoo bottle (250ml), as long as it's kept in a dry place. This could mean between 70 to 90 uses.
With Organic Ingredients
The solid shampoo is made with good-quality ingredients from organic farming. You´ll be supporting organic farm production and sustainable industry. The environment will thank you.
Our Solid Shampoos are travel-friendly! You can easily transport them with you on a holiday trip, and you won´t have to worry much about troubles with airport security or undesired spillings.
Our Values
We care for those who care

Our products have no animal ingredients whatsoever.


Made from the best-quality organic ingredients, free of pesticides in the making.


None of our products are tested on animals. We care as much as you do for bunnies and guinea pigs.


We also care about the environment and we are commited to reduce our packaging footprint.

What our clients say
I do use the VeganCare shampoo for oily hair since a month ago and I love it! It has a nice menthol smell and hair is light and silky!
Cátia Matos
The best products we have ever tried at home! They are already favorite shampoo and conditioner 🙂 Thanks VeganCare, for the excellent quality products!
Helena Raquel
I found the perfect shampoo for me! VeganCare has all the products I need. I could not be more satisfied in terms of quality. Thank you also for the professionalism!
Joana Dumas
I love VeganCare products <3 , organic, cruelty free, excellent quality and affordable prices. Try it!
Elsa Pinto
Excellent natural products! At this moment I cannot live without the VeganCare solid shampoo!
Miguel Costa
The solid shampoos are very good! Leave my hair shiny and smooth. And they last a long time!
Cátia Santos
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