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How To Transition to a Shampoo Bar?

Each year, there are more than nine million tons of plastic ending up in our oceans. Plastic bottles in which liquid shampoos are usually stored are a part of this terrifying number.

Swapping from liquid to solid shampoo is a great choice. It’s a solution that can help you take care of your hair (and body) in a more natural way. Very often, shampoo bars come wrapped in recycled paper and last much longer than liquid shampoo bottles. That means that while you’re taking care of the environment, you’re also saving money.

Usually, a shampoo bar that respects the pH of your scalp, such as VeganCare bars, which are not made of soap, don’t require a transition period. However, we are not all equal and our bodies don’t respond in the same way to change. For some people this transition period may be necessary.

Is there a transition from liquid bottles to shampoo bars?

For some people, hair needs to adjust to change. Whether it is a new conditioner or your first bar of shampoo, it may take a while before you feel the difference. Some people can swap from liquid to solid shampoo within a day, while others need to go through the transition period during which they adjust to new products.

It may take a few days or,in some cases, weeks. Many factors can influence the time, for example, how damaged your hair is, or if your hair has build-up. Sometimes it can even be a matter of genetics. We promise you! The effect is worth your patience.

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VeganCare Shampoo Bar

On the market, you can find a lot of shampoo bars. However, you should know that some products are very similar to a soap. They’re mostly made through oil saponification, which makes them less foamy. Because of their formula, they can strip the hair of its natural oils.

VeganCare shampoo bars were created especially for your scalp and hair care. Their pH is adequate to the scalp, so the transition from a liquid shampoo to one of our solid shampoos is very natural and the results are positive.

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What Do Shampoos Based In Synthectic And Petrochemical Ingredients Do To Your Scalp and Hair?
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You most probably know someone, or even yourself, who has a problem with greasy hair. You don’t want to wash it every day, but if you don’t, it looks like you haven’t had a shower in a week. The fault can lie in the type of shampoo you use.

Liquid shampoos which have synthetic and petrochemical-derived ingredients strip away the natural oil from your hair. To compensate that loss, the scalp starts producing more oil. After swapping to a natural-based liquid shampoo or a shampoo bar, your head’s skin may need time to adjust. Your scalp may need to rebalance its oil production.

You may feel that your head is itchy, or your hair tends to tangle or become greasier.

You can trust us that it won’t last forever! Once your hair learns to live without damaging ingredients you will notice wonderful effects.

Make This Process Easier

A good washing technique can speed up the whole transitional process. Here are some tips on how to use a solid shampoo:

  • Choose the right shampoo bar to your scalp. Similarly to liquid shampoos, you can choose from various options of solid bars. If your scalp tends to be dry, choose the shampoo dedicated to dry hair. If you notice excessive grease, choose the bar that helps to control this problem.
  • If you have medium/long hair, pass the shampoo bar all over your head, just close to the scalp. You don’t have to put extra shampoo on the rest of the hair. When you rinse the top of your head, the rest of the shampoo will wash the remaining hair, while you massage it.
  • Some shampoo bars don’t create such a big amount of foam as most liquid versions. However, from VeganCare´s shampoo bars you can expect a lot of foam. Rub it directly onto your head or, if you prefer, rub a bit of the bar into your hands to lather it up.
  • When the bars are running out they may tend to break and can leave a little bit in your hair. In that case, make sure you rinse all your hair properly.


Once your hair learns to live without damaging ingredients you will notice wonderful effects.

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  • Any hair wash promotes the opening of the hair cuticle. So, after washing, we recommend you to use a conditioner to close the cuticles and make the hair smoother and easier to untangle.
  • After washing, simply squeeze your hair to get rid of the water and wipe it gently with a towel. Additional rubbing can cause tangles, especially on long hair.

If somehow you have a weird feeling on your hair, that is probably an effect of petrochemical based ingredients withdrawal. Your hair needs to get used to natural nourishment that bar shampoos offer. Be persistent, and you will get silky, healthy, and smooth hair.

Choosing the most suitable shampoo for your hair, the transition period is much faster and easier. In most cases, it doesn’t even exist!

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