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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a solid shampoo?

For those who have always used liquid shampoos, it may seem confusing at first, but it’s very simple!

Wet the hair and pass the shampoo over it until the desired foam is obtained. And belive, it really makes foam! The product is concentrated, so light passes are sufficient. Massage the scalp and remove with plenty of water. Enjoy the experience and do not open your eyes during the procedure!

Is it a soap?

No, it’s not a soap, though it may seem. The formulation is completely different, and is adapted to the pH of the scalp, having characteristics that promote its balance and health.

How do you keep a solid shampoo?

Between washings, the shampoo should be kept in a dry, airy location for maximum durability. Avoid applying it in your hair under the shower, with running water, as this will dissolve faster. Never leave the shampoo in a soap dish with water. In case you take it to the gym or for travelling, keep it in a box between uses.

Do these shampoos irritate the scalp?

The solid shampoo contains butters, vegetable oils or clays in amounts superior to that we can put in a liquid shampoo, which help treat hair while keeping it healthy. In addition, its pH is suitable for your scalp.

The shampoos have preservatives?

Solid shampoo is a concentrated product where water is present in trace amounts, so it is not necessary to use preservatives.

What is the shelf life of a shampoo?

After opening, the solid shampoo can last up to 12 months. We recommend that you use it during this time to ensure you get the most out of its benefits.

My solid shampoo lasts a short time! What´s up?

Don´t use your shampoo under the running water of the shower and avoid storing it in a place with water as this will cause it to dissolve faster.

Will I have problems at the airport with these shampoos?

You don´t even have to worry about getting liquids into smaller bottles or worse, watch your shampoo being thrown away. With our solid shampoos you can simply go through security control without problems! You can even carry them in your pocket!

Who develops these products?

All products are developed by us, in our production facilities, located in São João de Vêr (Portugal), with the passion and conviction of those who nourish the same values as the customers. We don´t resort to sub-contracting or private label.

How is product safety guaranteed?

According to the law, VeganCare products have been tested in the laboratory. The physical, chemical, organoleptic (appearance, aroma and texture) and microbiological characteristics of each product were analyzed over several months in different environments in order to evaluate their stability, storage patterns and safety for the user.

Regarding the ingredients, there are thousands with a long history of safe use in the world of cosmetics. That means, we have millions of possible ways to combine these ingredients to formulate marvelous and safe products for you, without using animal testing.

Are the end products tested on animals?

Yes, but humans! And they volunteered, don´y worry! These are non-aggressive tests that aim to see if the products meet the needs of consumers. 

Do you sell your products in China?

We don´t market our products in China or in any region/country in the world where animal testing is mandatory. 

Our products have organic certification?

Our products are not yet certified, although they are in compliance with the standards established by the entities that certify products as being organic.

The biological certification will be a next step that we will give soon, stay tuned!

The products are vegan certified?

Our products are developed by people who are passionate about the company values, who themselves lead a cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle, and make sure all products are suitable for vegans. We have not yet been certified, but we are working towards this! 

Can I get an allergy using the products?

The ingredients used in organic cosmetic are less likely to cause allergies to it´s users.

However, considering that the physiology of the skin may be different from person to person, due to the genetic information of each one, the environment in which lives and the history of the products that uses, it is impossible to guarantee that a particular product/ingredient does not cause irritation to a particular person.

For example, essential oils or vegetable oils from nuts, while being natural ingredients may contain allergens that can cause irritation or even allergies.

If you feel that one of our products caused you a reaction, please contact us and expose what happened.

How do we select our ingredients?

VeganCare ingredients are carefully selected, considering their quality and origin.

We are concerned in verifying the physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of the ingredients, as well as their transformation process, to ensure that their properties are preserved and their benefits are not compromised.

Do we use ingredients of animal origin?

We don´t use any animal ingredient in our products. This is one of our core values. We want our customers to feel secure in buying any product without having to worry about the presence of honey, beeswax, snail drool or other ingredient that has involved the exploitation of animals.

Do we use synthetic ingredients?

Only those necessary to maintain the indispensable quality of the product. For example, if one of our products contains water, it will need a preservative, otherwise it will only last for a few days and it´s use will not be safe for the consumer.

In this case we choose the preservative that best respects our skin and environment.

Anyhow, all the synthetic ingredients we use are advised by organic certification.

We also don´t use petrochemicals like vaseline, paraffin, PEG´s, PPG´s, among others.

All the ingredients are organic?

With few exceptions, the vegetable origin ingredients we use come from organic and sustainable agriculture.

Why do we refer to the vegetable ingredients? Because we use ingredients vegetable origin ingredients (essential oils, butters, extracts of plants, etc.) and also mineral ingredients (water, clays, etc.). Only vegetabe origin ingredients  can be classified as organic.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We have the following payment methods available:

Multi Bank, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro), and MBWay.

Are these payment methods safe?

Our website is encrypted with the most advanced security technologies (SSL encryption), and your personal and banking data is protected. VeganCare does not store or access any data from your credit or debit card.

My payment was declined. What´s up?

Your payment may have been declined for one of the following reasons:

– Incorrect payment information;

– Insufficient balance in the account used;

– Limited Internet connection;

– Payment platform error.

Please confirm if any of the above situation applies to you. If you can not identify the cause, please try another form of payment or contact us through info@vegancarecosmetics.com, informing about the situation, so that we can give you technical support.

How can I be sure that my order has been successfully delivered?

You will receive a confirmation email from VeganCare stating that your payment has been accepted and your order is confirmed.

Where do we ship the products?

At the moment we deliver our products in the following regions:

– Portugal Mainland and Islands;

– Europe. 

If you live outside Europe and wish to place an order, please contact us in advance and we will make a quotation of shipping costs.

Can I go get the product myself somewhere?

We only deliver the products via express carrier at the address indicated by the client. At this time there is no physical collection point. Soon we will also have the products available in various retail points scattered throughout Portugal. Stay tuned for updates!

How can I track my order?

When the order is shipped we will send you an email with a link from the carrier and the order code so that you can track it.

I didn't get my order yet! Is it normal?

The estimated time for receiving your order is:

– Portugal Mainland: 2 to 5 business days;

– Madeira and the Azores: 4 to 10 business days;

– Europe: 3 to 10 business days.

If the maximum delivery time has been exceeded, please notify us of this delay by email: info@vegancarecosmetics.com. We will do our best to rectify the situation and compensate you.

I've already placed my order. Can I cancel or modify it?

Once confirmed the order and is payment made, you can´t modify it, having to cancel and make a new order.

You can cancel the order if it hasn´t yet been shipped. You will be notified when the order is dispatched.

I would like to return the product. It's possible?

Yes, it is possible, provided the product has not been opened and is in a preserved state, and in a maximum period of 14 days. You must inform us of your intention to return, so we can issue the procedure instructions.

If the product is intact and under the same conditions in which it was shipped, we will return the amount paid. Shipping and return costs are the responsibility of the customer.

We advise you to consult the “Returns” section of the “Terms and Conditions” of this site.

What if a product is not available in the online store?

Whenever a product is close to being depleted, it is automatically indicated in our online store. When this one is exhausted, it will also be indicated as “Out of Stock” and you won´t be able to proceed purchasing it. You can, however, contact us, requesting information about the product stock.

I received the wrong product or a damaged product. Can I return it?

If the packaging in which the products are delivered to you is damaged or if you have received the wrong product, you can refuse to receive the same at the time of delivery or, later return the order. We just ask you to inform us of what happened using one of the available contacts.

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