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Payment Methods

When the purchase is completed, the user has 48 hours to proceed with the payment. After this period expires, the purchase agreement shall be deemed canceled. If a value is received after the defined term, it will be returned or, in agreement with the client, may be used in a new order.

Below you will find the main methods of payment that are available to you.


The following cards are accepted:

  • VISA
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard

How do payments work?

After you have selected the option to pay by credit/debit card and click on “Finalize Order”, you will be redirected to the Redunicre website, where you must enter the requested data of your credit card, namely account number, date of expiry and the security code (on the card back).

Orders placed by Credit/Debit Card are subject to confirmation. If the order is refused you should contact the bank or card issuer for further clarification.

Once the payment is validated, the amount will be debited from the credit/debit card account. If for some reason we have to cancel part or all of the order, we will refund the corresponding amount within 5 working days.

Are these payments safe?

We use an encryption system that safeguards the integrity of your data. We don´t keep any of your data, and you will only be charged the exact amount that appears in your shopping cart when the purchase is finalized.

Important Note: Payments are always made in euros, even when prices are shown in other currencies. Some banks may charge exchange rates, and VeganCare doesn´t assume any responsibility for such fees.


When you finalize your order, a specific ATM reference will be generated, related to your purchase. You will receive this reference in the order confirmation email, which will also be available in your VeganCare online store customer account.

Multibanco payments can be made in an ATM or through your homebanking system.

To make the payment in an ATM, the customer must select the option “Payment of Services / Purchases” and then enter the corresponding entity number, reference and value.


MB WAY is a solution that allows you to pay for your order quickly and conveniently through your mobile phone. Simply install the MB WAY application and associate your bank card with your mobile phone number.

How to buy using MB WAY?

  • Select MB WAY as your payment method and enter your mobile number
  • Validate payment in the application notification area
  • Confirm payment with MB WAY PIN or Touch ID

How to join?

  • Join the service in a ATM
  • Download the MB WAY app and set it up
  • Follow the various steps of activating your app

Learn more at

Watch the tutorial here:

Payment data:

Payment by MBWAY must be made through the following telephone contact: +351 964 299 216

After payment should be sent the proof of transfer to the email:


Payment by bank transfer must be made to:

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5649 6650 0018 7 (The Kind Lab, Lda).

After payment should be sent the proof of transfer to the email:

Após o pagamento deverá ser enviado o comprovativo de transferência para o e-mail:


In the last stage of the purchase, before selecting the form of payment, there is a box where you can enter a discount voucher code that you have in your possession.

The use of promotional codes is governed by the current Terms and Conditions.


VeganCare uses a sophisticated encryption and data protection mechanism that not only guarantees the authenticity of online payments, but also safeguards the integrity and security of customer data.

This security is enabled by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which encrypts the communications produced between the client computer and our server.

VeganCare reserves the right to refuse payment of an order for a transaction that is considered ilicit. Any activitie considered to be illegal shall be immediately reported to the competent authorities.

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