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Juliet´s Love – Shampoo Bar for Normal/Dry Hair (Olive & Rose)

8.95 VAT included
(Based on 47 reviews)

Fancy a rose garden? Imagine yourself in one, while trying our amazing Olive & Rose Solid Shampoo, produced with organic butters and vegetable oils that nourish your hair and don’t irritate your scalp, the formula is further enriched with plant vitamins and proteins that protect your hair.

Specially made for normal to dry hair.

Pack Edition – Mini Shampoo Bars for Normal/Dry Hair

6.95 VAT included
(Based on 1 review)

Delight yourself with the miniatures of this delicate Juliet´s Love – Olive & Rose Shampoo Bar, capable of transporting you to a fragrant rose garden.

Great traveling companions, they are practical to take to hotels, camping, or even to the gym.

Specially made for normal to dry hair.

Corkie + Shampoo Bar

20.00 VAT included

Aqui está uma solução eco-friendly para quem já aposta na cosmética sólida para o seu dia-a-dia! Um champô sólido e a elegante Corkie, uma base feita de cortiça, para deixares o teu champô sempre seco entre utilizações.

  • 1 Champô sólido à tua escolha (bio e vegan)
  • 1 Corkie (Base para o champô sólido, feita de cortiça natura

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